For four years running, the Dakar Institute of African Studies (DIAS) mostly grouping young african faculty teaching in US and west african universities has been convening high-level international conferences on various topics and subjects relevant to current issues on the continent and in the area of the social sciences and the humanities.
This year’s topic focused on “Bridging the Gap: Black Studies Across Social, Geographic, Epistemic and Linguistic Lines“.

The annual event was attended this year by no less than 60 young scholars hailing from various countries and regions including Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, the Caribbean and the USA.

WARC and University Cheikh Anta Diop have been offering their premises to host the event and, this year, the opening ceremony took place in the WARC DAART Conference room and was presided over by the Rector of UCAD, Professor Ibrahima Thioub and the Director of WARC, Professor Ousmane Sene.