Mandela-Washington Pre-Fellow Orientation

On May 18th -19th, the Mandela-Washington fellows from Senegal and Guinea-Bissau engaged in a two-day pre-departure orientation program organized by the US Embassy in Dakar and facilitated by the West African Research Center (WARC).The future fellows were briefed on many issues including leadership in business, leadership in civic engagement, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Senegal etc……

The event was an excellent illustration of the productive working relations between the US Embassy in Dakar and the West African Research Center (WARC). But it also showed the permanent readiness and availability of the center to work with and help west african and african young leaders in the eagerness for quality achievements in their various endeavors.

The event was opened by the WARC Director and the US Embassy Representative and the Mandela-Washington alumni and fellows closed the activity on Thursday May 19th with a token of their thanks, gratitude and recognition to the WARC Director by offering the latter a beautiful painting to be hung in one of the Center’s offices.

The fellows and alumni attending numbered 32 people.