The Mandela-Washington Iftaar with US Ambassador Michael Raynor

On April 22th late afternoon, the Senegalese recipients of the prestigious Mandela-Washington Fellowship Program held a fast-breaking ceremony (Iftaar) to welcome the new US Ambassador in Senegal, his Excellency Michael Raynor. The event was held in the WARC yard and was attended by the Ambassador and his delegation and over 60 fellows.

The event was opened by the WARC Director who expiated on the excellent working relations between the Embassy and the Center while magnifying the worth and merits of the young Senegalese fellows who could count themselves among the future leaders tasked to shape the Senegal and Africa of the future.

After the Chairman of the Mandela-Washington Association, the US Ambassador took the floor to thank the fellows, urge them to take advantage of their american experience to uphold the advancement of the country and the continent. He also said how much he valued the partnership between WARC and the Embassy.

Attendees broke their fast in the premises where several products and produces offered by the Washington-Mandela fellows and alumni in the market were displayed.