WARC Public Lectures: Djibril Tamsir Niane ou Defense et Illustration de la Tradition Orale Africaine

 (Djibril Tamsir Niane or Upholding and Illustrating African Oral Tradition)

This event took place at the West African Research Center (WARC) on Friday, September 23 with a panel composed of the following speakers:

  • Bachir Tamsir Niane: researcher and teacher
  • Dr Cheikh Tidiane Gadio, former Senegal Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Dr Djibril F. Diallo, writer
  • Professor Idrissa Ba, Chair, Department of History, UCAD
  • Prof Ousmane Sene, Director, WARC

Dr Gadio, as the panel chair, made his introductory remarks and handed the floor to Bachir Tamsir Niane who elaborated on the cultural rootedness of Tamsir Niane’s work and his unrelenting efforts to disclose to the public, on the continent and elsewhere, the glory and radiance of West African cultural values.

Professor Idrissa Ba expatiated on Tamsir Niane’s contribution for a better understanding of West African history and the need to take inspiration from the major landmarks of the history of the various kingdoms and empires in West Africa.

Djibril Diallo insisted on the Charter of Mandé, Kharakangfuga, and the need for african people to reappropriate that very important document which laid the ground work for democracy, gender equity, environment awareness, social justice and equity, good governance, economic development etc…..

Dr Gadio concluded the session and insisted on the panafrican dimension of Tamsir Niane’s work at a time when the African continent is working toward further consolidated integration.

Members of the public composed of 165 attendees online and in person made their contributions with questions and developments on some of the themes covered by the speakers.