International Workshop: CRAFT AS METHOD
(Saint Louis, Senegal, November 3 rd -6 th , 2022)

The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), Humanities Accross Borders
(HaB), the Action and Critical Study Group (GAEC-Africa at University Gaston
Berger), the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI) and West
African Research Center (WARC), after several months of preparation and
coordination (e-mail messages, zoom sessions), on November 3 rd -6 th , 2022, held the
Craft as Method international workshop in Saint Louis, Senegal. Participants came
from the above organizations but also included several attendees from several regions
in Senegal, Ghana, India and the US. Several seminal topics were covered during the
workshop : «engaging historical , societal and international challenges through
craft », « grounding with local communities on craft and craft heritage », « african
textiles and garments showcase, », « craft, public policies, method and economic,
environmental and social challenges : an Africa Asia dialogue » etc…..
Apart from the various panels, a number of cultural events were featured to better
familiarize foreign participants with the works and skills of local artists, craftsmen and women.