The above topic was explored and developed by Professor Hilary Jones of the University of Kentucky (and former CAORC and WARA fellow) to wrap up the celebration of Black History Month by the West African Research Center (WARC) in collaboration with the US Embassy in Dakar, the Museum of Black Civilizations (MCN) and world-renowned artist Kalidou Kassé.

The presentation was made on Tuesday February 28th at the Museum of Black Civilizations with the Director of WARC as moderator.

On the occasion, Professor Hilary Jones explored the history of the black people on the US and on the African continent reminding the audience of the crucial role played by the Nadal sisters in Paris for the development of the Negritude movement, among others. She also gave beautiful portraits of such giant african american women like Mary McLeod Bethune, Fanny Lou Hammer etc…. On the african continent, lady Nokutebe Mdima Dube, one of the originators of the ANC in South Africa, Aoua Keita, a celebrated woman unionist in Guinea and also one of the first African journalists, Annette Mbaye D’Erneville, were shown as representative figures symbolizing the resistance and fight of women for the emancipation of the Black Race.

The event, attended by 25 people, was beautifully wrapped up with a reception.  

Prof Hilary Jones giving her presentation with WARC Director as moderator
Kalidou Kassé taking the floor