The author, Alioune Diop, is a retired colonel of the Senegalese armed forces who, for a long time, served in various international organisations operating in the world for peace keeping and the prevention of conflicts. The book he wrote is a compendium of his experience in the field specially with his long-time involvement in peace keeping and crisis solving on the african continent.

For the occasion, a number of experts were lined up for the panel presided over by writer and former senegalese minister of culture Makhily Gassama.
Colonel Diop, who also participated in the WARC/RESOLVE international workshop on Developing the Next Research Agenda for the Study of Violent Extremism in North Africa and the Sahel (WARC, July 18-19, 2018), was praised for his penmanship but also for his insightful observations on the causes of crises and unrests on the continent and his perceptive analysis of diversities as assets rather than channels for the disruption of peace among communities.

The event was attended by 120 people including high ranking officers in the Senegalese army, officials from the diplomatic sector and many scholars and researchers interested in the subject.

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