Panel discussion : De la pirogue aux patrouilleurs hauturiers lance-missile : La Marine Nationale Sénégalaise au cœur des grands enjeux économiques et sécuritaires du 21e siècle

Last year, during Independence Day on April 4th, 2023, Senegal displayed all the new sophisticated military equipment acquired for the country’s defense but also for the protection of our sea resources and the curbing of sea smuggling and illegal emigration on the Atlantic Ocean.

Dr Sophie Quintin’s Phd dissertation at the University of Portsmouth focuses on the sea-faring tradition and experience of the Senegalese people living on the coast and the high-profile national and international position of the Senegalese navy.

Indeed, nowadays modern patrollers, missile launchers and other high tech naval equipment are contributing to positioning Senegal as a major military and defense player in the West African region.

The panel, which took place at WARC on April 16th, was led by Dr Quintin with the major contribution of a professional sailor and military officer lieutenant commander Diawara from the Senegalese navy. Several Senegalese navy officers and other participants attended the event.

Photo: from left to right: Lieutenant commander Diawara, Dr Quintin and Prof Ousmane Sène