HIGHLIGHT:    Documentary launch: Khadim Ndiaye (Director): Road Accidents in Senegal


Each year, over 600 people die from car accidents all over the country. The causes are varied: irresponsible human behavior, poor state of repair of the roads, poor lighting, old and out-of-repair vehicles etc….In the documentary, four car accident victims are given the floor to tell their stories on how road accidents miserably destroyed their lives and their families. The stories were indeed very moving and, both in the documentary and among the audience, tears were shed because of the destruction and ravages caused by road accidents every year among the senegalese population.

Following the screening of the documentary, the audience and the panelists engaged in a lively discussion primarily focusing on the need to curb the increasing deadly trend of car accidents in the country. The event took place in one of WARC’s conference rooms and was attended by 59 people.