Presentation: The Black Skin Business in the Black: An Anthropological Approach (by Professor Louis Mendy, Department of English, UCAD)


As a follow up to the well-attended virtual screening and discussion of the documentary Dark Girls, Real Women. Real Stories, Professor Louis Mendy, specializing in american studies in the Department of English at UCAD, made a presentation with an anthropological approach titled The Black Skin Business in the Black. In this virtual presentation, the issue of race was discussed in a global context with a particular focus on the african continent (South Africa and other countries) and the US. Supposed racial superiority and inferiority in the history of mankind, racial manipulations justifying slavery and colonization as well as segregation and the « separate but equal » policies in the US and elsewhere were elaborated on by the presenter. Current issues relating to skin bleaching, coloring and racial conflicts were also dwelt on by Professor Mendy and the many viewers who made contributions or raised questions. Among those was the seminal contribution from the renowned historian and former Rector of UCAD, Professor Ibrahima Thioub who significantly questioned the notions of skin color and race.

The session, which took place on Wednesday, March 24th, was virtually attended by over 25 people.