Symposium: The University of Florida and the International Crisis Group (ICG) hold their 3rd Annual Symposium at WARC

On May 13th-14th , experts and scholars from  the University of Florida convened at the West African Research Center (WARC) with their colleagues from the International Crisis Group (ICG) and over 30 participants from various West African countries to discuss various topical issues: changing geopolitics in the Sahel, understanding military regimes in the Sahel, jihadist dynamics in the Sahel, perils on  civil societies in the Sahel, climate change, community resilience and violences in the Sahel, management of natural resources, food insecurity and violence in the Sahel.

During the two days, participants and organizers totaling 45 people engaged in seminal and high-level exchanges on the above topics and it is expected that the proceedings from the workshop will be a determining contribution to better understanding and solving crises in the Sahel.