The West African Research Centre (WARC) is an international non-profit and science-based organization. Over a quarter century, it has built an international reputation in the production and promotion of research and knowledge, as well as a wide network of partners in Africa and throughout the world.

This is what led to its beeing selection by the USAID West Africa office, the University of Pittsburgh (USA) and The Mitchell Group among many other qualified West African organizations to provide monitoring and evaluation services for governance, democracy and human rights programs after more than two years of training of its key staff.

True to its mission, WARC is committed to disseminating knowledge and strengthening monitoring and evaluation skills within Senegalese, West African and other organizations. Thus, a specialized unit in program monitoring and evaluation was created within the organization with the partnership of the University of Pittsburgh and USAID West Africa.

This unit intends to offer trainings that meet international standards in program monitoring and evaluation with Senegalese, American and other experts in order to help meet the ever-increasing needs for monitoring and evaluation in a results-based management context where monitoring, evaluation, learning and adaptation are essential factors for the success of development policies, projects and programs.



If you are an NGO, a cooperation and development agency, a community organization, a government department or institution, a project, a program or a firm and you envision to develop the capacity of your staff or your research, monitoring, evaluation and learning partners, WARC-EAS offers quality training programs adapted to your professional needs and constraints. These programs are designed to apply the required academic and professional rigor while offering flexibility to professionals. It also breaks the centralization of training services in and around the capital city so as to reach out to other parts of the country generally less endowed in terms of training services and opportunities.

As most potential participants have professional responsibilities in their organizations or programs, WARC-EAS offers training programs that allow for flexibility and adaptability. Part of the training activities will be held on weekends and the other part will be online but with  close facilitation from the training team. The facilitation team also proposes to organize visits to participants depending on the geographical area. The proposed option enables WARC-EAS to develop the capacity of organizations in monitoring and evaluation throughout the country, to develop local expertise in monitoring, evaluation, learning and governance, in order to meet and satisfy local needs. Our programs include the following options:

  • MODULAR TRAINING: it provides organizations with short training courses on specific monitoring and evaluation areas. It takes place upon organizations’ request and can be done at the company premises. Participation certificates are issued at the end of the training.
  • COMPLETION CERTIFICATION: Instead of short trainings, WARC-EAS offers one-month sessions with two weekends of in-person training and four weeks of online training. This option covers the basics of monitoring and evaluation and deeply addresses one or two essential components of monitoring and evaluation. This option requires a total of 60 hours of work for each participant: 20 hours in-person and 40 hours of online lessons (10 hours per week). This training program is intended for professionals working in projects and monitoring and evaluation staffs who wish to develop their capacity in the field.
  • A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION will be issued at the end of the training if the participant has an 80% grade.
  • SPECIALTY CERTIFICATION: WARC-EAS also offers a more in-depth three-month training that will allow participants to cover concepts, techniques and tools in the areas of research methodology, monitoring and evaluation, descriptive statistics with a specialization in one of the following development areas: DRG (Democracy, Rights and Governance), health, education, environment, and sustainability. This option has the advantage of enabling participants to develop a good command of monitoring and evaluation techniques and tools. Most of the training will be online with 10 hours of work per week and the other part will be in-person with one weekend session per month. The total number of working hours for this option is 150 hours and a participant project. This training program is intended for current or future monitoring and evaluation staffs and people who wish to pursue a career in monitoring and evaluation.
  • A CERTIFICATE OF SPECIALIZATION will be issued at the end of the training if the participant scores 80%.
  • MASTER IN RESEARCH, MONITORING AND EVALUATION: aimed at evaluators and persons who wish to become evaluation experts and who have a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or an equivalent, WARC-EAS offers an in-depth 12-month degree program covering all components of research, monitoring, evaluation and learning. In addition to the components of the research methodology, the descriptive statistics and the area of specialization, this program will address evaluation management and will offer two advanced specialization options: impact evaluation and process evaluation. This option is also a combination of an online and in-person training. It requires a total of 600 hours of work, including 100 hours of weekend in-person classes, 400 hours of online courses, and 100 hours of work on project (practices). WARC and a partner institution will issue a Master’s degree at the end of the program.


You are a development organization, a project, a program or a government agency and you envision to monitor and measure the effects, results and impacts of your organization or program, WARC-EAS puts at your disposal a multidisciplinary team of experts to conduct your baseline evaluations, mid-term evaluations, endline and impact evaluations and provide your organization with information that will inform your decisions. 


You are a research institution, an evaluation agency or a researcher and you envision to collect reliable data in Senegal or the Gambia, WARC-EAS offers your project a team of young, dynamic and qualified enumerators with appropriate technology equipment to collect for you quality qualitative or quantitative data.


You are an NGO, a community organization, a government department or a local government and you envision to start up a monitoring and evaluation unit, to develop a monitoring and evaluation system or a monitoring and evaluation plan; you need to design a development program or respond to program solicitation in English or French, WARC-EAS provides technical assistance and support in the technical process and budgeting.


You are a research institute, a government department, an NGO, a development agency or your mission is compatible or complementary with ours, WARC-EAS widely opens its doors to your organization for short-term or long-term win-win partnerships in order to contribute to the development of Senegal and Africa.

Development of African expertise is our mission.

You share it with us, now is the time to act and put quality at the heart of our work.


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