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HIGHLIGHT:Book launch : Saliou Mbaye : Ndande Fall Keur Madame : Souvenirs d’un enfant du terroir (Présence Africaine 2023)HIGHLIGHT:

Saliou Mbaye, archivist and academic, former Director of Senegal National Archives and former Director of the School of Librarians and…

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HIGHLIGHT: CAORC :Oversears Research Centers Directors’workshop in Dakar( September 30th-October 4th,2023)

For the second time after the edition of 2009, the West African Research Center (WARC) in Dakar was honored to…

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HIGHLIGHT : WARC hosted the 2023 Fulbright Enrichment Seminar for ETA’s posted in Sub-Saharan Africa

The seminar opened on Tuesday May 3 rd and wrapped up on Friday, May 5 th with 45Fulbright English Teaching…

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HIGHLIGHT: Senior Leaders at US Universities visit WARCHIGHLIGHT:

In the course of the year 2022, this will be the second time that senior leaders from various US universities…

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HIGHLIGHT: Sembene Across Africa (SAA): Fifth Edition (October 28-30, 2022)

In collaboration with Galle Ceddo Productions, an entity presided over by Jason Silverman, filmmaker (USA) and Professor Samba Gadjigo (Mount…

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Le Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) est une initiative de Barack Obama, ancien président des Etats-Unis, qui date de 2010. L’objectif est de soutenir les jeunes leaders africains dans leurs efforts pour stimuler la croissance et la prospérité, renforcer la gouvernance démocratique et améliorer la paix et la sécurité dans le continent africain.