Book Launch: La Codification des danses africaines: Revue de l’art et perspectives de recherche

(Proceedings of the International Symposium, April 25,26,27, 2018, Ifan, Dakar)

On Tuesday, January 21st in the afternoon, the West African Research Center (WARC), in collaboration with the Unité de Recherche en Ingénierie Culturelle et en Anthropologie (URICA – IFAN) and the DanceHall Company, hosted the presentation of the book produced on the proceedings of the international symposium held at URICA-IFAN on April 25th, 26th, 27th to engage in exchanges regarding the codification of african dances. The symposium was organized by the DanceHall company led by Mrs Mariama Touré, a renowned specialist of african dances whose chief ambition is to give pride of place to african dances both on the continent and in the rest of the world and also substantially increase their market values in the world cultural industry. DanceHall partnered with URICA to hold the symposium and, with the help and assistance of the Senegalese ministry of Culture, the proceedings of the gathering are now published.

The book was presented by Mrs Mariama Touré Director of DanceHall, Professor Ibrahima Thiaw, URICA-IFAN, Professor Ousmane Séne, WARC in a panel chaired by the cabinet director of the Senegalese Ministry of Culture.

The event was attended by 54 people including many stakeholders in the areas of culture and academia and was widely covered by the media.



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