HIGHLIGHT:  Book Launch: Mandiaye Gaye: Problématique de la Citoyenneté au Sénégal (New Edition)


Mandiaye Gaye is a well-known chronicler and commentator of developments in the political scene in Senegal. He regularly contributes essays in the various senegalese dailies to discuss the state of democracy, governance, accountability and other issues.

Because of the growing concern about accountability, good governance and equal opportunity in Senegal, in particular, he produced an updated edition of his essay on citizenship and civic engagement in Senegal.

The new edition published in 2020 by Amalthee Editions was presented to the public on Wednesday July 7th at the West African Research Center (WARC) with a panel composed of:

– Professor Penda Mbow, Historian at UCAD

– Mr Souleymane Cissokho, a retired teacher and

– Mrs Aminata Sarr Seck

Lively discussions ensued on the need for accountability, civic awareness and engagement and accountability from the Senegalese people, from the top leaders to the ordinary citizens in order for the country to be resolutely engaged on the road to full development.

The event was attended by 42 people who enthusiastically contributed to the ensuing debate and discussions.