WARC pays a visit to UCAD: The New Rector Prides Himself on Being a Former WARA/WARC Fellow


What was initiated as a courtesy visit to the newly-appointed Rector (President) of University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD) in Dakar turned out to be an all-out business meeting. On Tuesday, December 16, WARC Director made it to UCAD campus accompanied by the newly hired WARC Coordinator for Fulbright affairs in West Africa, Dr Mamadou Bodian. Once in the Rector’s office, the Director engaged the conversation, detailing for the new Rector the goals and objectives of the Center when, in mid-course, he was gently and humorously interrupted by the Rector who said « Director, your explanations are so limpid but you may not be aware that WARC paved my way to my position as University don here and to the Fulbright professorship at Swarthmore College and Geoege Washington University in August-November 2002. Indeed, in early 2000, I was selected for a WARA/WARC fellowship which was instrumental in my involvement in research activities and projects with US research and academic institutions, including with colleagues from the University of Florida, Gainesville and so many other american higher education institutions ».


Rector Mbaye is a member of the Editorial Committee of the Case Studies in Business, Industry and Government Statistics Journal (GSBIGS) of the University of Bentley (Boston). He also serves as the Coordinator  for the Global Master’s of Development Practice, a Mac Arthur Foundation-supported network of 24 select graduate programs in development economics worldwide.


Professor Mbaye explored and discussed all avenues for further collaboration with the West African Research Center (WARC) and engaged the Director of WARC to keep in touch for further meetings, discussions and initiatives.