Pencum WARC: Nations Négres et Culture: Cheikh Anta Diop’s Magnum Opus

Because of current developments in the world relating to culture and identities, it may be useful to re-read Cheikh Anta Diop’s major essays to unravel the complex situations underway on the african continent in relation to the african youths and their future, the further integration of the continent and Panafricanism.

The issues above were expertly addressed by a panel of high-level specialists: Professor Bouba Diop (History), Professor Ibrahima Wane (African Literature), Dr Aziz Salmone Fall (Political Science) and Dr Maimouna Kane (Literature) who was the moderator of the day.

All of them extolled the hidden historic truths uncovered by Cheikh Anta in his various writings: Africa as the cradle of humanity and culture, Africa as a reference in terms of human civilization, Africa as a continent which needs to retrieve its intrinsic past and historic values to pave its way towards social, political, cultural and economic development.

The event was attended by 115 (in person and virtual) who made substantial contributions and raised seminal questions aptly addressed by the panelists. .