WARC Director the Guest Speaker for the Dakar Jambar Toastmasters Club’s Open House

Students, young leaders such as those in the Madiba Youth organization (Les Madibaristes), the Social Change Factory, State Department young alumni, women’s organizations such as Femmes Plus in the Fatick region as well as west african youth organizations like La Sève in Togo and  D3E in Cote d’Ivoire frequently seek collaboration or assistance with the West African Research Center (WARC) to support their activities, use the Center’s facilities for meetings or its human resources for counselling and coaching. Lending a helping hand to young people as a testimony of community engagement and service can assuredly be considered one of the major hallmarks of the Center and WARC has become now a household name among many youth organizations in Senegal and other parts of West Africa and the entire continent.


It is in this respect that the Center’s Director was selected as the guest speaker of an event held on Saturday, April 10th at Novotel in Dakar by the Dakar Jambaar Toastmasters Club. The Dakar Janmbaar Toastmasters Club is a branch of the Toastmasters International. There are at least three branches in Dakar but this particular one conducts business in english in an effort to help its members develop bilingualism in european languages (french being the senegalese official language) and improve their chances to develop international leadership. They held their open house on Saturday April 10th with the aim to build speaking skills and confidence, enhance listening ability, improve communications skills, develop leadership skills, among other goals…..


The WARC Director’s presentation was much appreciated and welcomed with warm applauses and a long standing ovation and the organizers of the event pledged to have their francophone counterparts also invite the WARC Director for their open house scheduled to take place in the next few months.

The event was attended by 30 young men and women hailing from all walks of life.