An international workshop on the above topic was hosted on July 18-19 at the West African Research Center (WARC) as the first illustration of a developing partnership between the Center and the Resolve Network of the United States Institute of Peace.
The meeting was attended by 31 participants from the United States, Nigeria, Tunisia, Chad, Cameroon, Mali , Lybia & Senegal to discuss research issues and strategies to better grasp the intricate nexus of violent extremism in North Africa and the Sahel.

Over those two days, participants shared their views on many research questions relating to violent extemism. Research methodologies, research challenges and priorities were discussed by the experts attending and it is hoped that the proceedings will be a major contribution to better understanding and better countering violent extremisism in the african regions targeted but also in the rest of the continent and the world.

The workshop was convened by the West African Research Center as the first step toward a more active and productive collaboration between the Dakar-based Center and the Resolve Network.

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