WARA currently has 6 fellowships open for applications!  See below for descriptions of each fellowship and their deadlines (the deadline for the WARA Fellowships is Feb. 15!). 
Please share with your students, colleagues and networks in the US and West Africa!


WARA Fellowships – Deadline February 15, 2021

WARC Library Fellowship
Interested in Africa? Considering a career as a Librarian? The WARC Library Fellowship program may be a good opportunity for you. The WARC Library Fellowship (open to U.S. citizens) is designed to provide experience in West Africa for practicing librarians and for the next generation of Africana librarians, and to assist in capacity building at the library of the West African Research Center (WARC) in Dakar, Senegal.

WARA Residency Fellowship
In the interest of enhancing transatlantic exchange and collaboration, the West African Research Association offers Residencies for WARA member institutions to host a West African Scholar on their campus. Each residency will last 4-8 weeks and will provide the visiting scholar with opportunities for library research, guest lecturing, and/or collaborative work with American colleagues.

Pre-doctoral Fellowships
The WARA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship provides funding for 2 to 3 month’s research in West Africa during the summer and is for the purpose of 1) preparing a doctoral research proposal; or 2) carrying out research related to the completion of another terminal degree program (e.g., MFA or MPH). This competition is open to U.S. citizens who are currently enrolled in graduate programs at institutions of higher education in the United States.
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Post-doctoral Fellowship
The WARA Post-Doctoral Fellowship provides funding for 2 to 3 month’s research in West Africa during the summer and is for the purpose of 1) completing or elaborating upon an earlier project; 2) initiating a new research project; or 3) enhancing understanding of a particular topic in order to improve teaching effectiveness or broaden course offerings. This competition is open to U.S. citizens already holding a Ph.D. who are currently affiliated with an academic institution or who work in another related domain (e.g. public health or museology).
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Ideas Matter Fellowships
Ideas Matter US-based Scholar Fellowship – Deadline March 15, 2021
WARA is thrilled to announce a new fellowship for West African scholars based at US institutions!  In collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, WARA has developed a $4,000 fellowship for West African Phd students to conduct research in West Africa.  We know that many West African citizens studying in the US do not have access to the traditional funding sources used by American scholars to conduct research in the field or to consult archives, so thanks to the Mastercard Foundation we have been able to create the Ideas Matter US-based Scholar Fellowship.  Please share this amazing new opportunity with your networks!
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Ideas Matter Fellowship 2021 – Deadline March 1, 2021
This year we are excited to offer five fellowships through our collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation for West African scholars affiliated with West African institutions!  The Ideas Matter Fellowship is open to doctoral students under age 35 who are based in West African institutions of higher education, for research on the continent. Priority will be given to research projects focusing on women, technology and entrepreneurship.
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