Following the battle of Antietam (Maryland), Colonel Robert Gould Shaw is offered command of the United States’ first all-African-American regiment, the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. With junior officier Cabot Forbes, Shaw puts together a strong and proud unit including the escaped slave Trip (Denzel Washington) and the wise old grave digger John Rawlins (Morgan Freeman). The regiment, initially used for menial tasks, will rise to fame thanks to courage and dedication and will end up being placed at the heat of the battle. The ensuing discussions on the film were co-moderated by Professor Louis Mendy (American Civilization, Department of English, University Cheikh Anta Diop) and Professor Ousmane Sene (American Literature, Department of English, UCAD, and WARC Director) The public substantially contributed to the exchange of ideas as their interest was particularly kindled by the story dramatized in the film but also by the performances of Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman (at their best). Over 32 people attended the session.


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