To celebrate its first anniversary, the Museum of Black Civilisations lined up a series of public lectures including one to be chaired by the Director of the West African Research Center (WARC) and titled Senegal as the Door of Return for the Black Diaspora. The topic was covered on Thursday February 27th in the WARC conference room by Professor Jeremy Lewitt (International Law), Florida A and M University. Apart from the Director of WARC, discussants included Professor Babacar Diop (History and Classics, UCAD), Dr Ibrahima Seck (Department of History, UCAD, and Whitney Plantation, Louisana) and M. Eloi Coly, Curator of the Goree Slave House. For the speaker of the day, Professor Levitt, Senegal has much more to be proud of and to offer the world than its projected gas and oil productions. Indeed, history and culture are assets this country should be putting on the table to attract the entire world. Goree Island itself, the African Renaissance Monument and the Museum of Black Civilizations are the winning « Black Trifecta » which should be promoted to draw the Black Diaspora back to the African continent. Professor Lewitt gave a passionate plea for the Black Diaspora and Africans on the continent to engage in a conversation likely to be conducive to the re-unification of all the daughters and sons of the Black Continent. The lecture attracted an audience of no less than 72 people who engaged in an exciting conversation with the speaker and the discussants.

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