HIGHLIGHT:   Book Launch: Boubacar Niang: Le Gouverneur Faidherbe à Saint Louis et au Senegal (1854 -1861 / 1863 – 1865)

Mythes et réalités dans l’œuvre du précurseur de la colonisation française en Afrique occidentale(L’harmattan-Sénégal, Dakar 2021)


This 346-page essay on Faidherbe, the french colonial governor who paved the way for the domination of Senegal and most of West Africa by France is an attempt to give the accurate portrait of a staunch military leader and political manager who laid the foundations for France to rule over many parts of West Africa known then as Afrique Occidentale Francaise – AOF – or French West Africa.


His personality, achievements and shortcomings were discussed in depth by a panel composed of distinguished historians: Professor Ibrahima Thioub, former rector of UCAD, Professor Babacar Fall, historian and Professor Adrien Benga, historian. The event drew a large crowd of 102 including those who followed the dedication on Youtube. It should be noted that among the attendees was Dr Abdoulaye Diallo, Director of L’Harmattan Senegal publishing house, who took the floor and profusely praised WARC for its unwavering and very helpful support to sustainably establish the publishing house in Dakar in its early days over a decade ago.

By now, L’Harmattan-Senegal is a success story in terms of cultural business and management. Indeed, it has encouraged hundreds and hundreds publications in all areas of knowledge and cultural expressions in Senegal and other neighboring countries.